Grilled Skirt Steak with Seasonal Green Pesto

Brined and Roasted Chicken with Seasonal Green Pesto

Riot Wings with Carrots, Celery and Ranch Dressing (contains tree nuts)

Ancho Chili Pork with Jalepeno Relish

Signature Vegan “Mac and Cheese” with Cashew Cream Sauce
Minimum order of 10 people required; Yummy add-ins optional


Custom Designed Harvest Board

(Ask for custom pricing)



Seasonal Counter Salads

Chickpea Flatbread with Rosemary Oil

Seasonal Creations

Rotating Market Soup of the Moment
(Ask for our daily selections)


Magic Bar

Raw Power Brownie

Chocolate Chocolate Tart

Seasonal Dessert Bars

Assorted Daily Made Cookies

Custom Designed Ambrosia Board

(Ask for custom pricing)

A close-up photo of the Fresh Thymes Marketplace Catering's Kale Salad. Fresh, glistening, emerald shards of kale heap from a white pottery bowl, flecked with bits of purple radish.
a top-down photo showing a sampling of the catering dessert service from Fresh Thymes Marketplace Catering. On the right is a three-tiered silver tray piled with small bites of brownies, bars, and cookies. On the left are two wooden boards line with large square brownies on one and fruit cheesecakes on the other.
A photo of a square earthenware casserole dish holding oven-warm gluten free Mac and Cheese for a crowd from Fresh Thymes Marketplace and Catering in Boulder Colorado. The light-gold cheese sauce bubbles around the pasta tubes, a sprinkling of toasty bread crumbs and bright green parsley decorate the top.

Want us to customize a righteously delicious menu for your soiree? Contact us, because we’d love to wow you.